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State Rules (2018)





  1. Tournament brackets will be drawn by the District Administrators at the State meeting held in late May or early June.  Brackets to be drawn are:
    1. 9/10 Baseball………………Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and State (Winner advances to Regional)
    2. 10/11 Baseball……………. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and State
    3. 11/12 Baseball……………. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and State (Winner advances to Regional)
    4. Intermediate Baseball  ….. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 or State (Winner advances to Regional)
    5. Junior League Baseball…. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 or State (Winner advances to Regional)
    6. Senior League Baseball….. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 or State (Winner advances to Regional)
    7. Big League Baseball……... State (Winner advances to Regional)
    8. 9/10 Softball……………… Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and State (Winner advances to Regional)
    9. 10/11 Softball…………….. State
    10. 11/12 Softball…………….. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 and State (Winner advances to Regional)
    11. Junior League Softball….. Section 1, 2, 3, 4 or State (Winner advances to Regional)
    12. Senior League Softball….. State (Winner advances to Regional)
    13. Big League Softball……… State (Winner advances to Regional)


  1. Tournament sites (Districts) and dates will be finalized at that meeting.  No changes to the dates can be made without approval of all the District Administrators involved in that tournament.
    1. All sites MUST have an ASAP approved Safety Plan
    2. Host leagues for all 12 and under divisions should be finalized no later than June 15th.  Upper divisions by July 1st.
    3. Tournament directors/contact person for each section/state tournament will be announced by June 15th, July 1st for upper divisions.


  1. Responsibilities of Host District/League/Site
    1. Prepare field for play
    2. Provide official scorer.
    3. Should provide announcing system for announcements and player introductions

                                               i.     This includes a means of playing the National Anthem

                                             ii.     Have an American Flag displayed.

                                            iii.     LL Pledge recited prior to start of game

    1. Provide person to be Tournament Site Director

                                               i.     This will be the District Administrator or his designee (preferably a District Staff member or League President)

    1. Provide food and water for all umpires.


  1. Arrival times and pregame activities:
    1. Teams need to arrive at the site at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time except of the first game of a Section or State Tournament. Failure to arrive on time may cause the team to lose their right to participate in the coin toss. They may also lose their practice time.

                                               i.     First game of a Section or State Tournament:  Arrangements shall be made by each team to have the Tournament affidavit package including all back-up documentation and medical forms at the tournament site at least 90 minutes prior to game time.  This will give the Site Director time to review the affidavit package and resolve any issues found during the review.  (Note:  A specific site may require affidavit review a day or 2 prior to the scheduled start date.)

                                             ii.     The Site Director will assemble the managers and have a coin toss for determination of Home Team and dugout.

1.      The team traveling the further distance to the site shall call the toss.

2.      Winner of the coin toss gets his/her choice of home/visiting team OR which dugout they wish to be in.   NOT BOTH !!!

                                            iii.      No team shall be allowed on the infield area of the field ONE (1) hour prior to game time or as determined by the Site Director.  This will give the Site Director ample time to prepare the infield.

                                            iv.     Infield warm-up:   Visiting team – 30 minutes prior to game time

   Home team – 20 minutes prior to game time.

                                              v.     Each team will provide the Site Director or Official Scorer with 3 copies of a line-up no later than 30 minutes prior to game time.  One copy for the official scorer, one copy for the opposing team and one copy for the home plate umpire at the pre-game conference if requested. The line-up becomes official at the pre-game conference when presented to the home plate umpire.  The line-up will include:

1.      first & last name, number and position of each starting player

2.      first & last name and number of all substitute players

3.      first & last name of the manager and coaches (3 maximum)

    1. Unless supplied by the site, each team shall supply Little League approved game balls according to the following schedule.

                                               i.     Baseball…11/12 divisions & lower….THREE (3) balls per game

                                             ii.     Baseball…all upper divisions………..FOUR (4) balls per game

                                            iii.     Softball…all divisions……………….THREE (3) balls per game

                                            iv.     Any home run ball awarded to a player will be replaced by the awarding team.

    1. Ten (10) minutes prior to game time, the announcer will:

                                               i.      make any announcements necessary

                                             ii.      introduce any special dignitaries

                                            iii.     introduce the players, manager and coaches

                                            iv.     introduce the umpires

                                              v.     play the National Anthem

                                            vi.     say the Little League Pledge.

d.      If space is available and arranged in advance with host, batting practice can be held at the tournament site, but not on the  field on which the game will be played. There should be no bats in use at all 45 minutes prior to game time.


  1. Game conduct
    1. Managers, coaches and league officials are responsible for the behavior of their fans.  Little Leaguers are supposed to have fun at their games.  There should be no intimidation of players, managers, coaches, umpires, officials or fans.  Spectators must be kept under control by their respective teams.  Little League promotes good sportsmanship.  Managers and coaches should inform their fans that they represent their team, their families and their city/town.. They should be respectful at all times.
    2. The scorebook (hard copy or electronic) must be kept in the dugout.  
    3. Once a game begins, the manager or coaches for a team may not be replaced by any other adults without entry of said individual on the affidavit (new rule in 2016).

d.      Managers and coaches must dress alike and wear shirts of matching colors. Shirts must have collars or be athletic style shirts (no tee shirts). Docker style trousers/shorts or athletic style pants/shorts may be worn. Females may wear capris style pants. Denim, dungarees, jeans and sweatpants are prohibited. Dress must be consistent and identify the coaching staff. Manager and coaches must all wear either trousers or shorts.  Athletic shoes (no metal spikes) or sneakers must be worn.  Sandals and open toe shoes are not permittedAll players must have Little League patches on their uniforms.

    1. There shall be no eating meals in or around dugouts during the game.  Sunflower seeds and gum are allowed.  Discard gum in garbage receptacles.  Clean out respective dugouts after each game.
    2. No smoking in or around dugouts and/or field areas.  Respect all leagues’ rules regarding smoking.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any host facility.
    3. No one may leave the dugout without a granted timeout or approval by an umpire.
    4. Managers are the only team officials allowed to question umpires about playing rules and their interpretation.  A timeout must be requested by the Manager in order for the manager to leave the dugout to question the umpire.  Judgment calls are not open for discussion or questioning.
    5. No base coach shall change coaching boxes in the middle of an inning.  No base coach shall switch to/from another base coach (player/adult) in the middle of an inning.  Adult coaches may be used in both coaches’ boxes provided there is an eligible third coach in the dugout.
    6. Communication devices are not allowed to be used in the dugout during tournament play.  Any communication devices in the dugout must be turned off.  (If the manager/coach is waiting for an important call, he/she must give his communication device to someone outside of the dugout.)  If any coach /manager uses any communication device during the game, that person will be ejected from the game and he/she will be unable to attend the next game.
    7. Any player who is ejected must remain in the dugout until the game is completed.  Any manager/coach who is ejected must leave the park or the field area.  The field area is defined by the tournament director/official.  The player and/or manager/coach ejected from a game will automatically be unable to be present at the park for the next game.
    8. No adult/manager/coach can ever warm up a pitcher anywhere at the tournament site.
    9. No sticker or paint can be applied to any helmet without written permission from the helmet manufacturer. Please include such letter with tournament paperwork.
    10. There will be no on-deck batter for 11/12 divisions and below.
    11. No jewelry can be worn, (exception: medical). This includes plastic bracelets.
    12. Air horns, cowbells and other similar devices shall not be used at any game.


  1. Game rules:
    1. All Official Little League playing rules for regular season and modified by the Tournament rules will be enforced.  Note that the tournament rules augment and modify the regular season rules; they do NOT replace them.  All managers/coaches are responsible for knowing the tournament rules.
    2. At the start of the game, if a tournament team has thirteen (13) or more eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for a minimum of one at bat.  At the start of the game, if a tournament team has twelve (12) or less eligible players in uniform at a game, then every player on a team roster shall participate in each game for  minimum of six (6) consecutive defensive outs and bat at last one (1) time.

                                               i.     A starter may be replaced before this has been met but must meet all of the requirements before the game is completed.

                                             ii.     If a game is shortened for any reason (weather, 10-run rule, etc.) the mandatory play rule does not apply.

    1. While warming up pitchers, all players acting as catchers must wear a mask with a dangling throat guard, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Additionally, all male players acting as a catcher must wear a metal, fiber or plastic type cup. These requirements also apply to infield practice.
    2. One offensive conference may be called per half inning.  An offensive conference may be taken “free” if a defensive trip by the other team is taking place.  In a defensive conference, the entire team may be included.

e.       Illegal bats: TOURNAMENT p. T – 12 a. I, ii: In all tournament levels and divisions, the penalty for use of an illegal bat [see Rule 6.06 (d)], if discovered before the next player enters the batter’s box following the turn at bat of the player who used an illegal bat, is:

                                               i.     The batter is out (NOTE: The manager of the defense may advise the plate umpire of a decision to decline this portion of the penalty and accept the play.  Such election shall be made immediately at the end of the play), and;

                                             ii.     The manager of the team will be ejected from the game, the batter who violated the rule will be ejected from the game, and the offensive team will lose one eligible adult base coach for the duration of the game.

7.      Calling off/rescheduling games

    1. Due to tight tournament schedules, extra effort will be made to play all games on the designated day.  Games can be called off by the Tournament Director with consultation with the District Administrator up to TWO (2) hours prior to game time if weather conditions warrant.  All teams should report to the site unless otherwise contacted regardless of the weather conditions in your area or the weather forecast.
    2. If a game is called, the Host site will contact the teams involved as well as the State Umpire Assignor and/or the umpires directly.
    3. Continuously bad weather conditions may cause the tournament to revert to a single elimination tournament.  This decision will be made by the District Administrator or his/her designee after discussion with the Regional staff.


  1. Collections:
    1. The host league may take a collection or run a 50/50 raffle at each game.  The host league will keep the monies derived from this collection.


  1. Umpires:
    1. Umpires for all section play will be assigned by the tournament host.  Umpires shall arrive at games properly equipped. (Rulebook p. 82;  9.01 a. – note)

                                               i.     The State assignor shall work with the District administrators and/or his designee in supplying umpires for State Championship games.

                                             ii.     Each District Administrator will advise the STATE ASSIGNORS BY JUNE 15th as to whether or not his/her district will be able to supply umpires for State Tournament games.  The DA will, also, provide a contact name from his/her district for assigning umpires.

                                            iii.     Once assigned a game, the District will provide a minimum of 2 umpires (preferably 4) for each game assigned.  If the commitment cannot be fulfilled 2 days prior to game day, contact the State assignor immediately so that other arrangements can be made.

                                            iv.     Failure to provide scheduled umpires at a game without notice, shall result in those umpires losing any State Championship Series assignments for that year and a review for the following year.  The DA shall be notified of those umpires.

  1. These tournament rules & regulations were adopted at the State DAs’ meeting on April 23, 2006.
  2. These tournament rules & regulations were amended at the State DAs’ meeting on June 1, 2008.
  3. Amendment for LL pledge Sept 2009
  4. Amendment for 4.d. Nov. 2010
  5. Amendments for 5.o, 6.b.and 6.e May, 2011
  6. Amendment for 6.e. June 2012
  7. Amendment for 3 e. January 2013
  8. Amendments for 4b,  5b,5d,  6.e,  9a ii, April 2013
  9. Amendment for 6e June 11, 2013
  10. These tournament rules & regulations were amended at the State DA’s meeting on April 3, 2016.



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